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poniedziałek, 29 czerwca 2015

New life of an old beehive - outdoor library in Osiedle „Przyjaźń”

It's high time to introduce our project of PRZYJAZNA BIBLIOTECZKA (Friendly Outdoor Library) to the world, as ArtBem's team have already done in Slovakia, during and international Erasmus+ meeting.

There is a very special and unique area in the capital of Poland, where among big, concrete city, suddenly you see a wooden village-like settling. Our project will give that settling called Osiedle „Przyjaźń” another magical spot – a place for adults and children, neighbours and passersby, Polish and foreign – a little outdoor library

It will be an old, recycled and upcycyled beehive, that will host books and magazines instead of bees. Friendly Library will function according to the bookcrossing rules – „Take a book, leave a book”. We will also encourage people to join our team and work together to organize various events connected to the Library. Another important task of the Library will be an info point. We hope to share news on „Przyjaźń”’s life, delivered by neighbours, NGOs and other institutions/ people active around the place. The big dream is to make the Friendly Library as unique and recognizable, as Osiedle “Przyjaźń” itself.
To learn more visit our Facebook fanpage and blog In case of any questions please write an e-mail to


Aleksandra Krugły: “My family have been living in Osiedle “Przyjaźń” since 1956 and this is my place in the world. The Friendly Library will be my gift to that special area and its people. As I am a book worm, married to a manqué beekeeper and a mother of two fairytales fans, I thought that an outdoor library hidden in an old, magical beehive will be a great idea. I work for an institution, that supports civil society projects and in my free time I am active in Osiedle “Przyjaźń” Initiative – an informal group of Osiedle’s inhabitatnts and friends.”

Anna Górecka – Jakimcio: “I am a gardener that loves books. Last year I submitted a project of outdoor libraries constructed in old tree trunks, that was very successful in the first ever edition of a participatory budgeting in Warsaw. As I love Osiedle “Przyjaźń” I wanted to help to create such a library there,too.”

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